Lesley Ramsay, New Zealand

Northern Daff Club Table Show

August 18, 2008

Category: Show Results

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Hello All,


The Northern Daffodil  Club held its Table Show on Monday evening.  There was a good turnout of members and some nice flowers.  Miller Daffodils, Graham Phillips and Ramsay Daffodils shared the winners in the Open Classes (2 each!) .  Margaret Liddell dominated the Amateurs and Ian Hook the Novice/Intermediate.


There were five premiers awarded as follows: Div 1 Seedling (Cameo Sun x Rampage), NOE Trena (Ramsay Daffs), Div 2 Chan Mala (Miller Daffs) Div 3 Trudie Mae, Div 4 Chamkuiti (Graham Phillips.  Of these Chan Mala took best bloom.


Denise – can the photo be posted on the web site?



For Nance Story. (Regional Rep )

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