Margaret Seconi, New Zealand

NZ daffodil annual 2008

August 8, 2008

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Hi Daffnetters
 The NZ Annual was delivered yesterday just in time for the cold snap that’s hit the area today- It’s 5’C  and hail is falling outside – good indoor weather for watching the Olympic Games replays.
 How lovely to be able to relax and read the descriptions and impressions from so many people who attended the recent Australasian and World Daffodil Conventions. Dr Keith Hammett’s article is thought provoking too and I’m saving the rest of the magazine for later. A big thankyou to everyone who contributed.
Are you sure you want to relinquish the position of editor Peter? It seems to me that you’re just getting into your stride so to speak. The illustrations and photos are a delight as is ‘Digging Tony’s daffodil patch’.
Many thanks
Margaret Seconi
Wellington NZ

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