Olympics, weather and blooms

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Hi  Daffnetters,
  Olympic Games going in background as I  type.  Yet another Kiwi gold  —  Mens wind surfing  –  board sailing.
A very smooth  1Y  O  from the Irwins  —  Ohau  Lights  —  breeding  —  Orange  Roughie  x  Glenfarclas
Quite early show season, easily measures trumpet,  opens with good orange colour,  impressive.
Some confusion on the  origins of Orange  Roughie,  will try and find answer Nancy T.
Reply to Nancy T.  about siblings  Early Star , Early Orbit , August Ace  and Lunar Probe.
It was  a 1988 cross  —  flowers were selected in 1993.
I doubt if they were from the same seed pod.  I seldom do a single flower cross  — usually enough pollen to cover 5 – 6 
or more pistils if it is of normal size.Golden Orbit can at times have an open center with a couple of loaded stamens.
After our heavy hailstorm last week, when picking on Saturday I left about 200 damage blooms of Lunar Probe
on the plant  —  not deheading them.
Tuesday went slowerly down the line checking each shredded bloom for a pistil.
Found  15  with well shaped , level 3 lobed pistils .
Made  2 crosses  .First, 6 blooms  xpollen from last flower of very early yellow trumpet.
Second cross  9 blooms  was with pollen from  2W  P  Valley Dream  x  Peoples  Princess.
That would be about normal for my crossing.
Selecting now from  cross  88–23  x  Early  Orbit  — sowed  131 seeds in 2002