Olympic Competiton

August 5, 2008

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Thought that I would add to the Olympic news.

In watching please take note of the crepe myrtle and grass.  Oklahoma has been the source of both. 

A Chinese contingency visited Stillwater, OK in 2006 and purchased crepe myrtle in the thousands to plant in various locations.  A noted hybridizer, Dr Carl Whitcomb, resides in Stillwater which is the home of Oklahoma State University.  As you know, crepe myrtle is native to China but Dr Whitcomb over the years has come out with some wonderful red varieties among others and he is still at work on new ones.  I understand that the reds are what were obtained.

Also, the Chinese Olympic committee purchased in the neighborhood of 25,000 lbs of grass seed from the Johnston Seed Co in Enid, OK.

Go figure!!!  For some reason this all amazes me.

We are now in our 8th day of 100 + temperatures, the last 4 of which were 104-106.  A supposed “cool” front is to come through Wed and the temps are to topple to 94-96.  Whoopee????

Hope those of you in NZ are fairing well after all your storms.  Usually Oklahoma is a hotbed of tornados but this year we have been rather lucky in fewer numbers.

Peace to all

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Dear All, 
  It doesn’t seem that long ago that we did this, but the Olympics are only a few days away, so it’s time again for the competition! 
Same question as always with mega prize to the winner/winners. 
The Questions. 
  How many Gold Medals will Great Britain “Team GB” win? 
  How many Medals in Total will Team GB win? 
The Rules. 
  Entries Open 3rd Aug 2008 
  Entries Close at beginning of Opening Ceremony 8th Aug 2008 
  One entry per email address, please. 
  Finale result as reported by the media at the end of the event. 
The Prizes. 
  Two packs of my Daffodil Notecards for each winner, these are now collectable items! 
So lets have some fun, it will add to the excitement, entertainment and late nights / early mornings most of us will have to endure to support our teams. 
Regards to all, 
Ian :o) 

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