seedlings just beginning to grow

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Hello forum,

A few months ago, I planted my first daffodil seeds, about two per hole and about 20 in all.  Only one of the seeds seems to be growing.  The seedling appears to be giving off very fine, round filamentous long leaves that are now nearly 8 cm long.  Is that what I should be expecting??  Does anyone have some typical photos showing daffodil seedlings at various stages of development or growth?


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1 comment for “seedlings just beginning to grow

  1. Hi Niels.. Your observed growth might be another plant growing. Typically, you won’t see the first leaves of Daffodil seed until the following spring. They will look like the leaves of Chives. Very small and only one leaf the first year. 2 the second and after that, the personality of the seedling will dictate how fast it might grow. It typically takes from 4 years to 7 or more before you see the first flower, because the seed must produce a larger bulb first before the flower will emerge.
    I hope this helps..
    Tom Stettner Cincinnati Ohio, Midwest – USA

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