Strange Plant

August 23, 2008

Categories: General, Non-Daffodil

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 Abutilon theophrastii medicus or velvet leaf has made an appearnace in my garden. It is now about 15 feet tall and has yet to have flowers. I understand that this is not something I want. Has anyone had experience with it? This picture was taken about two weeks ago and seems to grow about a foot a week. Liz

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One response to “Strange Plant”

  1. Keith Kridler says:

    Looks more like a Paulownia Tree. Either Tomentosa or Elongata. If so it will top out about 70 feet tall and about 70 feet wide on crown spread. It can do this in just 6 years or so and could have a trunk diameter of 24″ by then. Commonly called “Princess Tree” or Empress Tree.
    There is another Paulownia species called a Kawagami that is commonly called Sapphire Dragon. Only gets to about 30 foot tall normally.
    Do a search on the web with the common names and search images to see them in bloom. These trees normally bloom the second year early in the spring before they leaf out.
    If you want an exotic looking tree you can let it bloom next spring and then cut it to the ground and it will come back each year with the larger leaves. With two year old roots it can sometimes hit 25 feet tall the same year it is cut to the ground. Keith Kridler Mt. Pleasant, Texas