Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio

strawman for ADS “Generations Class’

August 20, 2008

Category: Shows

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A Generations Class would make an interesting educational display, but I don’t see it as a competitive class.  Real flowers could be augmented with photos of the ancestors.
Mary Lou

2 responses to “strawman for ADS “Generations Class’”

  1. Melissa Reading says:

    I’ll vote for a competitive class in the show. Daffodillians seem to be inspired by competition. And I believe that the public would find it most interesting to see the blooms “in person” . A Generations display would help visitors to develop an appreciation of the achievements of modern hybridizers, and of why one bloom is ranked above another in form. It could well inspire new efforts at hybridization. It would also be quite a challenge to the exhibitor, not only to have the generations in cultivation, but to have them all bloom at the same time. Melissa
    At 04:50 PM 8/20/2008, Mary Lou Gripshover wrote:

  2. Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi Loyce McKenzie says:
    Well, what about a competitive educational class???