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Strawman for an ADS “Generations Class”

August 20, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Types, Historics, Shows, Species

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Mary Lou and Netters,

Some exhibits in the hypothetical "Generations Class" might have older blooms in pristine Condition but not having good show Form.  An exhibit of great educational value might contain a good specimen of an older bloom that couldn’t score 90 points on the (regular) ADS Scale of Points (eg, ‘King Alfred’ ).  Under ADS Show Rules, a first-place exhibit must not contain a bloom scoring less than 90, so that exhibit wouldn’t be eligible for first place in the class. Using the Historics Scale of Points, which emphasizes Condition over Form, could be more equitable in scoring blooms in the class. (For those readers not familiar with the different ADS Scales of Points, the Historics Scale gives 40 for Condition, 15 each for Form and Color, and 10 for Size. Pose, Stem, Substance and Texture are 5 each.)

Should this "Generations Class" actually be accepted as an optional ADS Award for shows, I suppose blooms in it could be treated as in currently done for species blooms: within their class judged under the appropriate ADS Scale (for species, the ADS Species Scale), but in competition for best-in-show, judged under the regular ADS Scale of Points.


At 12:55 PM 8/20/2008, Mary Lou Gripshover wrote:

Why use the Historics Scale?  There are almost 70 years worth of flowers after 1940, so I’d guess that there would be more "non-historic" daffodils than historic.  And besides, if you have a really great flower in the collection that’s not a historic daffodil, would it be eligible for other awards if the collection were judged on the Historic scale?
Mary Lou

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