Graeme Davis, Australia

Canberra Show

September 13, 2008

Categories: Hybridizing, Seedling, Show Results

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Canberra show is this weekend.
Given the challenging season so far it was good to see so many blooms
Best in show was Lady Diana 2w-w
Reserve champion was Cowboy 2y-o shown by John Woodfield
Best Trumpet was Newcrest 1w-y shown by Glen Sheldrick
Best small cup was Abstruce 3w-r shown by John Woodfield
Best mini was a Keira bulbs seedling 6w-w

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One response to “Canberra Show”

  1. Graeme Davis, Australia Graeme Davis says:

    Best seedling was a bulbocodium from Laurence Trevanion
    Best Division 6 was Noss Mayo shown by Rob Slarke

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