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daffodils at our county fair

September 28, 2008

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You can promote daffodils and flower bulbs year round. At our Texas Master Gardener booth at the county fair over the years we often gave away some of our Lycoris Radiata and Oxblood lily bulbs to the children coming to the fair. We choose these over daffodil bulbs because the children could look at a vase filled with the blooms of these bulbs. Take the free bulbs home with them and plant them and get a bloom from the just planted bulb in just a few weeks.
Our fair has a highly contested photo section with 18 different categories. You are limited to only 10 entries at each fair. You have four age groups: 13 and under, 13<17, 18<65 and over 65, then a professional class and a class for Black and White. Each of the six classes gets one sweepstake ribbon for all 18 categories. Photos entered must be taken since the last county fair date. There were more than 500 photos entered this year.
Each year more and more of the flower photos entered by the children are of spider lilies and daffodils. I entered in the pro classes this year and my “story board” category entry won Sweepstakes :-)). We all hear the saying to slow down and or “Stop and smell the flowers”. The title of this story board should be “STOP IT, I don’t want to smell the flowers!”
We have more and more people coming to our daffodil fields each spring to get photos of their children and pets. We end up with a lot of picked blooms and smashed clumps of daffodils. Small price to pay when you walk through a county fair six months later and see pictures entered of your blooms. A single bloom will only last for a few days. Pictures and memories can last for generations….
Keith Kridler Mt. Pleasant, Texas

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    Congratulations!! Well deserved. Phyllis