Pictures of Hurricane Ike

September 20, 2008

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Dear All,
Many people have written to me to ask how my family in south Texas is doing .
I appreciate the concern.  All my loved ones are safe, and their property was spared from any major destruction. 
I received this link to some very incredible photos of the storm and its damage from a friend who lives in Houston and is still without power.  Her family has a generator and they have been alternately been using it to power a TV, a refrigerator, and microwave oven as needed.  She said nearly every tree in her neighborhood was flattened.  But they are grateful to still have a house in one piece.   
According to my brother aligators pose a very real threat in some areas and cattle are being rounded up as quickly as possible because they are drinking salt water and becoming ill and the flooded pastures where they graze are turning black from the salty flood water.  He assures me that FEMA, the National Guardsmen, and the local law enforcement are doing a wonderful job, in spite of any tales to the contrary.  He asked me to tell this to everyone I know.  If my brother, John, says so, you can believe it. 
Chriss Rainey
— Pictures of Ike

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