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natural gas line from Houston Tx to New Jersey

September 13, 2008

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Sorry to be off the topic of daffodils again but some people don’t believe that we can pump gasoline and Natural gas the 1,600 miles from Texas to New Jersey. Mt. Pleasant already has one of these natural gas pipe lines that run through our county from West Texas & Oklahoma on through to the East Coast and then on up to New Jersey and south to Florida. Here are some photos I took back in June of the staging area in Mt. Pleasant as they are building two more of these compressed Natural Gas pipelines through our county. One is going on east to New Jersey to double up the older pipeline and the second new one is going south to Houston Texas where they plan on importing liquid natural gas from Iran within 10 years. They will bring the gas in from Iran into the Houston ship channel and off load it into these east/west pipe lines going through Atlanta Georgia to the whole east coast of the USA.
That is Sandy’s car sitting next to the piles of pipe. Each pipe is 60 feet or 20 meters long. Each pipeline will be able to carry 1.2 billion cubic feet of Natural Gas per every 24 hours from Texas to New Jersey. There are about 200 acres or almost 100 hectars covered with these piles of pipe right now. Interesting that they let me drive right up and walk around in the storage yard. There is a small army of pipe line welders, track hoe and bulldozer operators as they plan on welding up this 123 mile long section of pipe in just 6 months. It costs about $10 billion per 100 miles of pipeline in Alaska but is cheaper in the southern states.
Funny but in the USA there is a flurry of national TV adds promoting using Natural Gas as a fuel for cars to replace gasoline. There is a good chance if you live anywhere east of Texas that you will be getting Natural Gas in the future that has passed through Mt. Pleasant Texas. Governments talk about being energy self sufficient but the “Big Bad” oil companies are the ones who have to build and then keep these pipe lines filled up. It takes 1,200 REALLY good producing natural gas wells in the Dallas Fortworth Barnett Shale gas field to fill just one of these pipelines. Each of these gas wells is running about $7 million to drill and tie into this pipeline. Each of these wells has a production life of about three years.
It is really nice to know that all around the world people are working hard to so that most of us never have to worry about flipping a light switch and wondering if it will turn on the light bulb or opening up the water faucet and wondering if we will have hot and cold fresh clean water to use. I expect there will be millions of folks over the next couple of weeks who won’t have what we all enjoy at the flip of a switch. Keith Kridler Mt. Pleasant, Texas

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  1. Bill Lee says:

    Thanks for the photos and lesson, Keith, on something that most of us take for granted.
    I hope the hurricane doesn’t have much effect on you.
    Bill Lee