Howick Show Premiers

September 7, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Types, Hybridizing, Intermediates, Miniatures, Seedling, Show Results

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Here are the Howick Show premiers.
Champion of Champions and Champion large cup : GM 05-07 2Y-Y (Tauhoa x Impeccable) – attached photograph
Champion trumpet: GM 03-22 1Y-Y (Grasmere x Byrne 99/7c 1Y-Y)
Champion small cup: Ramar
Champion vase of miniatures: Angel’ Whisper, Hall 93T22, GM 04-49 8W-Y (canaliculatus x papyraceous)
Champion pink: GM08-26 2Y-P (Tearaway x American Dream)
Champion seedling: GM 08-31 2Y-Y (GM 98-10 x Postles 1-13-82 1Y-Y)
All above shown by Graeme and Faith Miller.
Champion red cup: Thumbs Up
Champion double: Hamilton 22-96
Both shown by Dave Watson
Champion Division 8: Fencourt Jewel
Champion Intermediate section: Tucamen
Both shown by Ian Hook
Champion novice section: Unknown 8W-W shown by Jo Carrie


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