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Orange show

September 20, 2008

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Just back home from the show in Orange. Orange is a town/ city inland from Sydney. There were 600 competitive blooms which is not bad given the season and that the most successful exhibitor last year did not exhibit this year for a range of personal reasons.

In the last week I had hail, wind, rain, heat, and a good solid mud storm (dust and rain falling as red mud – never seen so many orange perianths)

A few photos of the winners (before I collapse in a heap)

Best in show was Lady Diana (grown by a different grower from the one last week in Canberra – this time grown by John Woodfield). Reserve champion was the same variety (while many of us thought a third flower of Lady Diana was the best). The winning championship entry had a fourth flower of this variety.  A good year – and most of mine are yet to open!

Best Trumpet was one of our seedlings – 5-2006
Best small cup was Tru shown by Peter McCann

Some other seedlings

2nd in the intermediate size splits was an 11y-o

1st in the same class was an 11w-y – a cross between 2 seedlings – the photo from the show was no good

An 11w-y split, pops legacy x zombie

A couple of div 2 seedlings

Nd int split orange

An 11w-y split, pops legacy x zombie

Pops legacy x zombie orange


Seed orange


Seedling orange

Finally, it was good to be able to use a couple of our own newly named flowers in winning the championship class – Kavita and Miss Maureen



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  1. Graeme Davis, Australia Graeme Davis says:

    A few other flowers that may be of interest

    Colorspot, shown by Glen Sheldrick

    3 from our championship entry

    Dot Hunter 1w-y (I wish it had better colour)

    Hijack 2w-r

    Pops Legacy 1w-y (a reliable variety which seems to be very variable in flowering time)