Orphans and Unnamed

September 9, 2008

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However I would like to make the following comment. This does not change the fact that an orphan as you put it ; whether it is a Sport or a Rogue seedling found in someone’s back yard: could produce a most perfect Bloom as it did in NZ .

This is quite a different issue, Ivor, than a named daffodil whose name has been lost or forgotten. If I discovered a sport or rogue seedling that I thought was show-worthy, I’d assign it a seedling number, such as Lee 08-27and display it as such and it would be eligible for show awards by ADS rules.
It is the named, but name-forgotten, daffodil that goes in our No-Name section that is not eligible for ADS awards.
Now, if I am mistaken about all this, I’m sure there will be a correction soon.
Bill Lee

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