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Hello everyone,
Peter beat me to it with a little brain exercise. I thought that after a tiring day’s Autumn planting that the brain would need some stimulation.
Assuming the miniature section of a show schedule had the following two classes included.
Class 77 3 stems jonquilla, species and/or hybrids
Class 78  3 stems apodanthe, species and/or hybrids
In which class would you enter ‘Sundial’ ?
Enjoy the discussion.

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  1. To hopefully kick into touch (a soccer term which may be unfamiliar to USA readers) the ball which David started rolling.


    I hope that there would never be such classes in a show.


    Since jonquilla and apodanthe species will hybridise together, although the progeny is not normally fertile, it would make the judges’ tasks even further complicated if they had to look up in the register or look on daffseek to find out what the parents were. Where would you put a cross from both sections, as you could show it in either?


    Since I believe that I know where David is coming from I would prefer that the classes were for species from the jonquil/apodanthae sections and division 7 miniature hybrids, class 1 for single-headed flowers, class 2 for multi-headed flowers.


    The judge would still have to be familiar to some extent with the cultivars to know which should have more than one floret, though that is no different from knowing if a good flower should have 2 or 6 florets.


    Our big problem in the UK is trying to prevent senior judges from counting the number of heads when trying to find the Best Miniature in show rather than looking at a superb N. Rupicola with superb form.




    James Akers

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