John McLennan, New Zealand


September 19, 2008

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Hi  Daffnetters ,
Thanks for the feedback on the photos.
Noeline  M  —  yes , your observations on the colour of  Gold Conventions cup is something the locals  have also noticed this season.
If it was a new variety this year it would certainly be classified as 2Y YO.It has been far more orange than most seasons , —  also for all growers.
We have concluded it is probably the very wet season we have had. Not as much sunshine as usual , also less frosts.
It,s seldom one cause , but definetly more orange.
Ralph S.  —  Marilyn  —  3W-YR  —  won the novice grade growers premier.
Sorry  Nancy  T  —  tried  2  postings  of  3  photos  will do  3  postings  x  2 photoes
Red -pink double  —  sdlg  07  40  —  had 2 bulbs  —  2 good flowers , one in double collection and the other in winning 6 sdlg class entry.
Rongotea  —  car parking under the  rugby  goalposts.
Hall is local combined netball and rugby clubrooms  —  very interesting collection of local sports memorabillia.

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