John McLennan, New Zealand


September 18, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Types, Miniatures, Show Results

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Smack  my hand  —  RONGOTEA  —  not  atea
It is believed to be the name of a Maori chief from the area.
Some of the best dairy farm  [ cows ] in  N Z , on a deep , rich plain of river silt.
Mini  Vase  —  Humming  Bird  —  Elsa  Stern
Div 9  –  9W GWR  —  McQuarrie  A38
Elsa  Stern  —  a  long time  N D S member and local show supporter with her  miniature  premiers

3 responses to “RONGOTEA”

  1. John Beck says:

    I,ve  been waiting for an invite to judge the home  baking.
    Sponges , scones  , pikelets and other appealing goodies.
    Quite prepared to attend one or more judging schools if required.
    Palmerston North show  tomorrow  6 Am start  so early to bed .
    Cheers  John

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  2. James Akers, England James Akers says:



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  3. John Beck says: