John McLennan, New Zealand


September 6, 2008

Category: Show Results

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U S A  will soon be voing for a  new  President.
N Z  will soon be voting for a new Government 
The Daffodil show  patrons  have voted for their  best  vase .
But first  Champion sdlg  —  a very bright red cup  from  Reg Cull  H C  –  B B 0 5 
7  vases to chose from  . 1 vote per person  , no age  limit.
Vase 1  mixed  Tazettas  —  Wilf  Hall

One response to “Voting”

  1. Denis Dailey says:

    I find it difficult to judge flowers from a picture so I’m going with vase 7 based on the name. Denis Dailey