Daffodil Appeal by Kate Orme Carney, Youth Chair

October 15, 2008

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Dear Fellow Daffnetters…
I simply must read faster!  I spent so much time reading and rereading Nancy Tackett’s wonderful article…World Daffodil Convention 2008 – Kiwi Style and writing to congratulate her that I failed to finish the most recent copy of The Daffodil Journal and read Kate’s wonderful article.  An article that gave well deserved credit to the Hotchkiss’ daffodil mentor, Margaret Ford, a truly dedicated lady!
Congratulations are always long overdue when it comes to what Margaret Ford has done and continues to do to encourage youth in the Richmond, Virginia area become interested in planting and showing daffodils.  Now that there is a World-Wide program to encourage youth to become involved in the world of daffodils, Margaret Ford should sit back and grin from ear to ear…she has been doing this for years here in Richmond.  Margaret has recognized the fact that without encouraging participation by today’s young people, our Society may well face an uphill battle to simply hold our own.  I am certain that Margaret Ford and her wonderful husband, Skip, were honored when they saw the names of their grandchildren, Kristi and Will Sadler, recognized in the Journal article.
I was a long way from being a youth member when Margaret Ford asked Betty and me to join the Virginia Daffodil Society, but I will forever be grateful to she and Skip for the support they have so generously provided to us.  Thanks, Margaret…and Skip, too, please keep up the good work!  The Virginia Daffodil Society is proud to have you as our Membership Chair.
Thanks for a great article, Kate!  We support you 100%.
Ross A. Hotchkiss, President
Virginia Daffodil Society

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