Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee

Fall Board Meeting weather forecast

October 28, 2008

Category: American Daffodil Society

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I am happy to say the weather should be sunny and fine for the weekend fall board meeting and miniatures symposium in Nashville and that fall colors are just starting to show and should be quite nice for the weekend! Highs are predicted for 69 Friday, 68 Saturday, and 69 Sunday with lows at 43, 47, and 49. We thought we might have a frost or freeze last night or tonight, but it may hold off, so fall wildflowers and displays at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens might still be colorful for visitors as well as the fall trees! I’m looking so forward to seeing some of you here soon and will try to post photos for the rest of you to enjoy after the weekend!
Becky that daffy girl near Nashville
— Becky Fox Matthews 2nd Vice President American Daffodil Society

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