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All, I replied privately to Becky and did not notice it was a daffnet posting. No need to be jealous Mary Lou. It really isn’t much. The remaining flowers have opened and none resemble it – just a mish-mash of green and white. My answer was: Regarding the green rim, I think green is a difficult problem. It is common in doubles that don’t develop properly. There’s an awful poet type flower registered as Green Elf that is green for the same reason. I think Kirby’s photo compared to mine on Daffseek illustrates the issue. I recall Brandham’s article on green in the RHS journal suggesting that greenness is a failure to develop color. So green in these late season flowers is problematic. Worse, the failure to develop means that the flower can become ugly and distorted as the non-green parts of the flower grow. I have a Limey Circle x Flash Affair like this. Have crossed these seedlings in the hope of getting something respectable i.e. green parts that grow but don’t change color. Green Island is common in the pedigrees but that doesn’t tell us much as it is in almost every pedigree. Limey Circle I think is the one to use. I see that Spud Brogden has registered a green rimmed flower from it. It would be worth crossing with viridiflorus or a viridiflorus hybrid – I don’t think I’ve actually done it. I struggle to get viridiflorus hybrids and don’t bother anymore but interestingly one of my greenest hybrids is Westholme x viridiflorus. I don’t have Westholme anymore but Westholme x Limey Circle either way might give good results. Lawrence

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