John McLennan, New Zealand


October 6, 2008

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Hi Daffnetters,
Taranaki in spring is very green , one of N Z ,s most productive milk producing regions.
Spud  Brogdens daff patch was surrounded by acres of lush green spring grass when members of the Central Daff Group visited last Sunday ,
after our Saturday show and 20 at a very enjoyable meal in the evening.
Heavy rain overnight told us why the grass here does so well.
In the middle of the green was Spuds green daffodil.
Daffodale  —  3W  WWG  —  Brogden Bulbs  2005  —  breeding  —  Janelle  x  Limey  Circle
Quite stunning.  Obviously a late season flower.  Tall , strong stem , good size – 100mm  plus blooms,  good quality perianth.
Would be outstanding as a collection flower.  Floral artists will love it.
So do I .

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