Lawrence Trevanion, Australia

Green,From:,David Adams

October 19, 2008

Category: General

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Hi Dave. You wrote:” I’m interested on your perspective on green daffodils regarding the green being an indication of undeveloped flower parts. I guess the two current leading exponents in the development of green daffodils are Bob Spotts and John Hunter. Interesting that Bob has gone more for green over yellow and John more for green over white. Having seen green in many flowers I would concur that it is from undeveloped parts of the flower however having seen some of John and Bob’s flowers I would suggest that the green colour is overlaid on the original colour and therefore more natural. Your response?” Apologies for not answering sooner. I’m just catching up on my Daffnet. I have crossed my horrible main division greens with one another in the hope that miraculously a flower will appear that grows with the green coloration intact. It is probably easiest, however, to get this characteristic from viridiflorus. As you say, the viridiflorus green is pleasing and does overlay either green or white. Best policy is probably to cross these two types of flower together. Has anyone ever done Limey Circle x viridiflorus? Lawrence

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