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October 2, 2008

Categories: Diseases and Pests, Snails, Deer and other Pests

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Hi Folks,
I have been told two interesting things in the last couple of days. Both could be significant to daffodil growers.
1) We have a problem just arrived in New Zealand with Trilliums. The foliage withers and distorts, the plants look awful. I am told it is caused by a virus and that the plant will eventually heal itself. However the interesting comment to come from the MAF scientists is that if the trillium sap can be got up to a pH of 6.4 the virus will not survive. Is this relevant to narcissus viruses?
2) We often have discussions on Daffnet as to how to rid the plantings of critters. Evidently Fritillaria imperialis and maybe other frits, deter moles from the area where they are planted. Maybe Mary Lou can put her shotgun away.

2 responses to “Interesting info”

  1. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover says:


    It might be worth the cost of a few frit imperialis bulbs to plant where the moles are active and see what happens.  Certainly the odor of the bulbs is repellant!
    Mary Lou

  2. Clay Higgins says:

    Mary Lou,
    My mother-in-law, Maria Bozievich, planted them in her “beautification” garden to protect againt a “large” variety of pests, including moles.  However, for a green thumb, I could not keep them alive except for one season and they are just a little expensive for “annuals.”

    Clay Higgins