Lawrence Trevanion, Australia

jonquilla x apodanthae

October 3, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Types, Fertility, Hybridizing, Species

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Hi Dave, You’re right having difficulty believing this: “I was told by a leading hybridiser today that jonquilla and apodanthe species do not cross.” One could get the impression they don’t cross because it is difficult to prevent jonquilla from selfing. Perhaps the cross is easier in some climates than others. John Blanchard comments on this cross in his book (p79) and has registered hybrids from it- Moncorvo. Jonquillae are more vigorous, the apodanthae have better show form and the hybrids are sterile – wouldn’t you know it! Chit Chat (jonquilla x juncifolii) is also sterile as are hybrids like it. I can’t see any hope of keeping these things separate on the show bench Ben, thanks for this information : “Nuclear DNA content for section jonquilla = about 33 picogram, for section apodanthi about 26 pg and for the “new” section juncifolii ( with assoanus and gaditanus only )19 pg .” I like the idea of section juncifolii. Can you tell us more about the relationship between these sections? Lawrence Trevanion

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