Koopowitz Div 8 Fall Blooming Seedling

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Daffnuts Today, a special program was presented by the Southwest Ohio Daffodil Society. There were programs of Bulb forcing demonstrations given by our Miggy Jacobs. A discussion about species Daffodils by Mary Lou Gripshover & a presentation of companion plants for daffodils specializing in drought tolerant varieties given by Bill Lee. Afterwards we entertained questions by the audience. It was a 1/2 day event and included lunch.
Mary Lou brought her pot of the Koopowitz Division 8 Fall Blooming Seedling bred from “N. tazetta aureus x N. miniatus” having a lovely fragrance (as Mary Lou quotes and I agree completely!). She posted a photo of this same stem some days back, but attached here is a photo of it now, with more florets opened up.
Happy Planting to all in the Northern Hemisphere !
Tom Stettner