Noeline and Donald McLaren, New Zealand

Paper clip namecard holders

October 5, 2008

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Like Kathy, I also simply pull down the long side of the paper clip and attach the card. Pics attached with and without card. On the large plastic vases which have narrow edges, I use the part of the clip not straightened and at the back to slip down on the vase. This holds the card in place securely as even with the moss packed firmly the paper clip with card sometimes tilts a little.
Noeline McLaren Balclutha New Zealand
Kathy said:
Joe, I simply pull the outside piece down. No pliers or time involved. Kathy

One response to “Paper clip namecard holders”

  1. Donald Able says:

    Round nose or wire loop pliers can also be purchased at beading or jewelry shops where beading craft supplies are sold. They are used for wire bending to create earrings and wire jewelry.

    They are relatively inexpensive $10-$15 a pair.

    Don Able