John McLennan, New Zealand


October 8, 2008

Category: Non-Daffodil

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Hi Daffnetters ,
The daffodil  cutflower season has finished for  2008  none for market today ,  finishing about a week erlier than usual.
First  consignment was in early  June ,  a later start than normal due to a dry autumn.
Have been sending a few of these to market for the last  2 weeks.
Do you recognise them  ? ? ?.


2 responses to “Question”

  1. Donna Dietsch says:
    So what did you want to know?  What they are?  Looks like protea to me.
    Donna Dietsch
    Columbus Ohio

  2. Stephen Hampson, California Stephen Hampson says:

    Donna and Ethel are close.  The box of red flowers in the e-mail from John are Telopea speciosissima, an Australian member of the Protea family.
    Steve Hampson
    In sunny, HOT southern California.