New Brighton Show Results

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Hi Everyone,
A few show results.
New Brighton.
This is an evening show which only lasts for about an hour. If we had not thrown a few blooms in there would have only been about ten entries. Best in show was Rapture exhibited by Joseph Austin. This was probably the best Rapture I saw all season.
Entries were generally good although Rex and Barbara Bright were the only ones in the open collections. We had our own show that weekend so I left Christchurch at 1pm Friday, drove the 200 miles to judge at 7pm then returned home afterwards. Would you believe that on the whole journey home I never saw one vehicle travelling in my direction. made for a quick trip. Best in show was a lovely Red Era taken from the Novice section.
This is the last show of the season for us. It is probably my favourite show with wonderful people organising and a real community atmosphere. Its at this show where there are classes for blokes, childrens creations and much home craft. Sadly we were the main entrants in the open section and the locals were saying ‘If the show isn’t supported we wonder if its worth all the work.’ I think one of the Auckland shows had a similar response. We need the small shows in order to grow membership and to provide the grassroots for our national pastime.
NDS medal class had two entries. D & L Adams won with 87/15A, Dunley Hall, SDG 2W-W, Gold Bank, Sdg 2Y-YRR, and Piraeus.
Premiers Div 1 Pearson 94-71-Q28
  Div 2

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