Soil Tests & analisis of bottom ash from coal fired power plant

October 29, 2008

Categories: Fertilizing, Growing Daffodils, Planting, Pots, Soil

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I am very interested in knowing the optimal ranges of various nutrients for daffodils, and will look forward to your future posts as information comes in. I do hope that knowledgeable amateurs as well as professional growers will share their hard-won wisdom with us all. Perhaps it would be a good start if you would send a blank form of the results you’d like to see from each contributor. Having it in Excel could make it easy to accumulate results.
I myself grow virtually all show blooms in pots, since our soil is 50% cracked shale, 10% cobbles and 40% heavy clay, and utterly impossible to dig as well as non-draining. I know that some other avid amateurs simply change the soil in their pots every couple of years, but if that were avoidable, it would be an immense savings in labor and cost.
Thank you for taking on this valuable project.
Melissa M. Reading, PhD 1240 Asti Court Livermore, CA 94550-6033

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