Keith Kridler, Texas

Texas Daffodil info booth

October 12, 2008

Category: Societies and groups

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The previous photo and this one were taken at Harvey Hall where the actual bulb sale took place. Wife Sandy is on the left with Ann Hibbs on the right. Karla McKenzie and her hubby were busy at this particular moment picking out $220. worth of bulbs for our new members for our clubs quarterly meeting next week.
I did not get any photos at the church where the ladies set up our table for the morning programs and then tore down the booth, moved it a mile down the road and set it up all over again in just 15 minutes between the arrival time and the opening of the sale.
The Tyler programs always run with extremely tight time limits. They had our table all set up just seconds before the doors opened for the general public to begin the bulb sale.
More info banners were just off to the right of these photos but my camera’s memory card maxed out on the second photo…..KK

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