Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi

Where can we find Show Collection Pins ????

October 4, 2008

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Looking for a source, or sources:  Collection card pinsThe hottest item during daffodil show season is often the small metal card pin, or the boxes thereof, to display the names on individual blooms in collections.
If you have a boxful, and enter many collections, it is soon depleted unless you are there when the show is taken down.I have understood (not having been a local show chairman in a long time and then only by default) that they were available in Great Britain.If we had a source, local societies, and the boutique at national shows, could invest in a stock, and sell to their members.

Can anyone help about this?

Loyce McKenzie

3 responses to “Where can we find Show Collection Pins ????”

  1. Kathy Welsh says:

    The only source is in Great Britain.  Many societies have done just what you suggested, but the card pins are very expensive.  When I go to a show were I cannot collect my card pins I use paper clips.  They can be purchased inexpensively and are easy to carry in an exhibitor’s kit.  If you unfold the outer most piece it will hold the card in the top and the bottom piece can be inserted in the test tube.  If I didn’t explain this well let me know and I will show you my “trick” at the upcoming fall board meeting.  I have shared this technique with many others in the past.

  2. Joe Hamm says:

    Seems to me Kirby Fong once demonstrated how to create the top loop using Bullnose pliers on a paper clip….  sounds like a winter project.
    Indianapolis, IN  and Buffalo Village, Washington PA
    ‘Historic, just like his bulbs’

  3. Kathy Welsh says:

    I simply pull the outside piece down.  No pliers or time involved.