Wish we had been there!

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Dear Nancy…
I cannot begin to tell you how much Betty and I enjoyed reading (I reread it!) your fantastic article describing the first half of your World Daffodil Tour!  We wish we had been there with you, but your wonderful descriptions made us feel like we were right there alongside of you and Ben.  To put it mildly, it was a fantastic bit of literary genius.  You should have been a writer!!!!
You are one!
We cannot wait for the December issue to arrive to read the rest of your experiences.  Having visited London for a week some 6 or so years ago when the Early Flower Show was being held at the RHS enabled your article to bring back some very fond memories.  I’ll never forget the invitation from John Pearson to come down to the RHS, which I did and his description that enabled me to find him…”I’ll be wearing a three piece, green, tweed suit!”, which he was.  John introduced me to many of the group whom you all visited with, Brian Duncan, Ron Scamp, along with John and his wonderful late wife, Rosemary.  We went downstairs to have a cup of tea and some wonderful conversation and a personal invitation to join The Daffodil Society, which I did.
Betty chose to spend the afternoon at Harrods…I hope you did not miss that shopping mecca in London!
We feel like children waiting for Christmas to be able to receive our December issue with the confidence that it will be equally as fantastic.  Thanks for taking the time to give those of us who were unable to attend a wonderful description of everything you and Ben experienced.
Regards and all the very best,


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  1. Dear Ross and all,

    When the ADS Journal editor calls, we all try our best to respond.  However, two years ago, when Loyce asked me to write this article, never in my wildest dreams did I think we would have such a wonderful trip.

    Thank you Loyce for tapping my shoulder and thank you Ross for your very kind words.

    Nancy Tackett
    Martinez, Calif

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