Constantinople or not

November 26, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Types, Historics, Standards

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Hi All–
I sent these to Nancy but I’ll also send them here and let ya’ll decide. This is what I do know about these daff’s. They are verified on the original Texas site for 114 years (definitely not at my house that long) and given to me as ‘Double Roman’ a double form of Chinese Sacred Lily.
Thank goodness for overcast days–I’m definitely not a good photographer (a much better grower). These are also larger than requested so I will send them through in 3 emails. I also have single form of Chinese Sacred Lily–to me they are pretty different. This one has a really nice light citrus scent.
They do look like the double sport over on the Chinese Sacred Lily entry and like Constantinople I’ve seen on commercial sites (maybe a bit less “orangy” in the center than some I’ve seen).
Debbie Jordan
(Houston, TX–overcast and about 74F today)

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