Thanks All!

November 25, 2008

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Thank you Tom, Mary Lou, and Nancy–
I’ll get out there tomorrow and try to get some better shots and send them along. You can hold off posting them for a while–I might get more blooms later (fuller pictures is what I mean rather than 5-6 single blooms).
It’s kinda of scary with all these Tazetta’s up so early down here. We do get freeze’s so I hope they don’t get zapped. I usually don’t see growth like this until late December or early January on them. It really hasn’t cooled down too much here yet, just a couple of cool short-lived snaps. Other than Ike–we have actually had very little rainfall either. I do have to admit its exciting–the start of daff season for me. This is a pretty “challenging” part of the country to grow daff’s in. I just try all of the early blooming varieties I can get my hands on!
And thanks again for posting that CODS sale–that definitely allowed me to clean you out of early blooming varieties and try some new varieties not commonly available down here!
Thanks again everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!
(way down in Houston–low tonight is expected at 45F–a cool snap for us this early)

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