Happy Holidays

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Nancy and I wanted to wish everyone on Daffnet a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2009.

It is after 11pm here in California on Christmas Eve. Nancy served us a wonderful spicy cracked crab dinner that only she knows how to prepare. She does not use a cook book, just her instincts to cook, so whenever I say “that was wonderful, let’s have that again”, she says I don’t know what I did. It’s sad and good because she actually tops her last efforts the next time.

I usually watch the Midnight Mass at the Vatican which comes to us in California taped and hours away from the actual mass. I enjoy seeing the mass even though I am not Catholic because it is so beautiful and well done.

Christmas is a important part of our religion and also for many people we know but I also acknowledge the importance and significance of the other religions of our small world.

So please accept Nancy and my best wishes, Happy Holidays, and a very special new year of 2009.

Best regards,

Ben and Nancy

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  1. Thank you Ben and I hope you and Nancy have a wonderful Christmas and all the good things in the New Year that you so richly deserve!
    Love you both,

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