Pot-Grown stems eligible for shows?

December 14, 2008

Categories: Daffodil Types, Growing Daffodils, Miniatures, Planting, Pots

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Loyce asked: “Would single stems cut from the blooms in these pots be eligible to be entered in shows?”
Isn’t the rule that except for miniatures, all stems entered must be “grown in the open”? I know that a number of people grow in pots that are sunk in the ground. I guess these are “in the open”. What about pots that are left above-ground, but kept continuously outdoors? I guess these are also “in the open”. Is it gorwn “in the open” if it is either in a pot or in the ground, but protected by shade cloth?
So is it pots that come in and out of doors that aren’t “in the open”?
And unless you were exhibiting a daffodil that doesn’t bloom at the time of your show, who would even know how you grew it?
I wonder if this is a distinction whose extinction time has come? Bill Lee
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