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Tip for attaching pics for Daffnet

December 19, 2008

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Occasionally, I forget to reduce the size of a photo before I attach it for inclusion here. Nancy T. catches it and it bounces back. I bet it has happened to you. And some of you aren’t quite sure what to do to meet the size requirement, or maybe you would like to be able to process a digital pic from your new camera and don’t have software you can operate.
Now there are a bunch of online photo editors which do just about anything to a digital photo that most of us want to do. Some of them are free. I have been trying out the one at It’s from Sweden. There are no tricks or costs to using this, and the author is continually improving it. It contains just about everything that PhotoShop Elements has and will do the job for most any standard photo processing task.
Give it a look. Use it before you attach a photo and save Nancy T. the effort of sending it back before we see it.
If you have questions or want help or advice on this, drop me a note off list.
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One response to “Tip for attaching pics for Daffnet”

  1. Nancy Tackett, California Nancy Tackett says:

    We want to thank you George Dorner for letting everyone know about Pixlr in your message last month. We are fortunate that about 98% of the photos and documents sent to Daffnet are under 250K and sail right through for members enjoyment.
    Remember, Daffnet members who have Windows XP or Vista, you do not need additional software to resize your photos. Just as a reminder, here are 4 quick steps for XP users:
    1. Bring up your folder with photos, 2. Click on the photo to send, the left panel changes and gives you an option to ‘E-mail this file’, 3. Click on ‘E-mail this file’ and then you will see the ‘Send Pictures via E-Mail’ pop-up window. Click on the ‘Show more options’ link on lower left, 4. For Daffnet, you can select either ‘Medium’ or ‘Large’ and this will normally generate a nice size photo around 120K. Click OK, and this should put you directly into your email program with this photo showing as an attachment.
    Below are screen views of the XP version.
    Microsoft Vista is even easier and tells you the dimensions and “K size” as you select the different size options.
    We look forward to more beautiful photos in 2009!
    Nancy Tackett Martinez, Calif