What is “in the open”?

December 14, 2008

Categories: Growing Daffodils, Show Prep and Exhibiting, Shows

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What’s the definition of “open”, Mary Lou? I think one of Brian’s little rain hats on a stick is probably “open”, but I’m not sure a wind tunnel staked to the ground over a bed or row is “open”. How about a pot in a basement window well? If you haven’t covered it over, it sounds like “in the open” to me!
Luckily, none of this is hardly ever challenged in the actual show because nobody knows for sure how an individual stem was grown. Or cares enough. So why don’t we dump the rule?

Someday we will probably get sued over it anyway, as people with certain handicaps who cannot navigate outdoors in the garden but could propel a wheelchair down the greenhouse rows are obviously being discriminated against!

Bill Lee

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