Blooming in the greenhouse

January 29, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Fertility, Hybridizing, Seedling, Species, Standards

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While ice and snow fell to our south the air up here was stagnant and cold.  The ice pack above the mulch stands at 6 inches of almost solid ice.  We had 1 inch of snow last night.

I have attached a picture of a N pachybolbos seedling that was sent by Lawrence T.   It has exceptionally flat small flowers.  Behind it is a selection of one of Sid DuBose’s Evenlode x N viridiflorus seedlings.  They are fertile and do not have the neck problem that many of the viridiflorus seedlings have   here is a close-up of the pachybolbos seedling  I have for some years been attempting to get seedlings from wide crosses by forcing more tender species in the greenhouse and using the collected pollen on more hardy things outside.  This year  I should have my first Tazetta tenuoir like and poetaz crosses blooming.  The pachybolbos pollen transmits large bulbs and dark skins.  Lets hope that some of the seedlings don’t have the pudgy stems.  For once I took a few pictures before shredding the flowers for pollen.

I will send more photos of viridiflorus seedlings next week.

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One response to “Blooming in the greenhouse”

  1. Bob Spotts says:


    I’m pleased to see your photo of Sid DuBose’s seedling of ‘Evenlode’ x viridiflorus. I thought these all had been lost upon his passing.

    Some of these seedlings of Sid’s were yellow. I put the pollen from a yellow one onto ‘Misquote’ 1Y-Y. Over 30 seedlings germinated and about a dozen lived to bloom. Only one had twin florets. From these seedlings, I have registered ‘Mesquite’ 2Y-Y (see DaffSeek for a photo).  This was not the twin-headed one, but was the best in vigor and form. It opens with a greenish flush which fades in a few days.