Keith Kridler, Texas

changing the subject

January 10, 2009

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I hate to change the subject as I need a couple more recipes but I got this strange phone call last night. One of my local daffodil ladies called all in a panic. Out of breath, incoherent gibberish, words all running together.
The first go round I did not have a clue who was calling….I heard something about like this the second go around, ” Oh My Gosh! Sorry to call you but I did NOT know anyone else to call…..I was driving down our driveway tonight when I saw something yellow with the head lights off there in the edge of the woods. I drove on to the house and got to thinking it MIGHT be a daffodil!!! It took forever to find a flashlight.”
It was quite apparent that she had run back up the driveway picked her first yellow trumpet of the year and raced back down the driveway to announce the “birth” of her true daffodil season as we don’t count Tazettas as the start of the season.
Funny but I enjoyed hearing about it as much as she enjoyed sharing the news….Then I asked her what was the name of the daffodil……”OH MY GOSH! I forgot to look!!!” I THINK she was going to wait till dawn to go pull up the labels, as this was one of the new test varieties she got at the Texas Daffodil Society just this fall for our new trials plantings…..I wonder if she realizes yet that her “new $6 baby” just bloomed two months before ANY daffodil show:-))) She and her husband just started taking the new Texas Master Gardener classes.
Keith Kridler Mt. Pleasant, Texas We have had 70’s and 80’s*F all week (low 20’s*C) and now they are predicting a low of 20*F or -7*C…..

2 responses to “changing the subject”

  1. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover says:

    Nice story, Keith. 🙂 Good job spreading “the fever.” Brings back memories . . ..
    Mary Lou

  2. Chriss Rainey says:

    Yeah, I think she’s got it. Sounds like a case of Yellow Fever to me.