first show of the year

January 5, 2009

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This week it it fun to visit our intermediates CNB in Lisse, 50 Different growers show all kinds of flowerbulbs and plants. These are my daffodils.
Best regards, Hein Meeuwissen, Voorhout, Holland

One response to “first show of the year”

  1. Hein Meeuwissen says:

    Hello George,
    That is n. Topolino and it is in my opinion the best pot of these 17 varieties/species this year. It forces easily and I show it every year on this show.
    The other daffs are n. moschatus, obvallaris, Mite, Maximus, Itzim, Double Itzim, Little Beauty, Little Gem, Toto, Julia Jane(not precooled), Tete a Tete, Lemon Silk, Toby the First, Peeping Tom, Yellow Wings and a miniature seedling.
    It is freezing here in Holland and I had to heat the greenhouse up to 17-18 degrees C. to get the last pots ready for the show. Normally I don’t go over 12 degrees. Julia Jane was the first flowering on deceber 20.
    Best regards, Hein meeuwissen, Voorhout, holland