Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi

“I think I’d like to ask the audience.”

January 27, 2009

Categories: Diseases and Pests, Snails, Deer and other Pests

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Some of you may watch “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” and if you do, you know the lifelines.  I could use “Phone a friend” but with this great audience of nearly 500 people out there, I think it’s the way to go:

Those of you who grow camellias and are also host to deer, can you tell me if the deer tend to nibble on camellias,either foliage or bud.
I’ve just planted two, several feet high; and if the percentage is high that they do, from your experience and observation, I’ll go out with my commercial spray (which is nothing but rotten eggs and hot pepper, as best I can tell) and drench them.
I have others, and have never noticed them bothering them. But these are in an area they leap and frolic in.
They also don’t seem to nibble on the azaleas, either, much preferring(no accounting for taste) the privet which is everywhere, and which I am delighted to let them breakfast, lunch and dine on every day.
Last week I saw something that was a first—several young fawns literally playing tag on the front lawn. (We have counted as many as seven at one time.)

Loyce McKenzie
Zone 8

2 responses to ““I think I’d like to ask the audience.””

  1. Bob Johnson says:
      Dear Loyce,
    We grow about 250 varieties and species of camellias here in the Napa Valley (zone 9) and the dear do enjoy them, we do not treat the plants and found some interesting things. Deer do not like all varieties of camellia and those that they like the deer will eat them and not others around them year after year. Deer fencing works great but it is expensive.

  2. Lina Burton says:

    A friend of mine here in Virginia grows camellias in Page County (around Luray) and does have to spray for deer.

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