January Blooms in Livermore, CA

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Several turnaround bulbocodiums from Rod Barwick’s Ta Julia collection are in bloom, as well as a lovely Welch Seedling, WRPW — 2008NxNj1 (Newton x N. jonquilla). The latter has a very gently sweet and lovely jonquilla scent, and a brilliant yellow color, most welcome at this early season. Photos appear below.
As to the rest of the daffodils, they are either not up yet, or just a few inches high. Autumn Colors, however, has short flower scapes, and in our 70+ degree weather may well bloom in a week or so. Of course Grand Primo Citroniere and Erlicheer soldier along, in their 4th month of bloom in the garden.
Melissa in Zone 9, where the days have been unseasonably warm in the 70s, the nights in the mid 30s, and the skies unfortunately completely clear and devoid of the clouds that might bring some rain.