Jan Pennings, the Netherlands


January 29, 2009

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Good to hear all the enthousiastic comments about the pictures of Keukenhof on Daffnet. I think all who joined the World Daffodil Tour 2008 can agree. More to see on www.keukenhof.nl
Last night I came back from a short trip to White Russia and the town Minsk. I was invited to gave some talks about Tulips and Daffodils and of course also Keukenhof. They were very amazed about the colors in Daffodils,they still thought. A Daffodil is yellow. After my talk,we have many more Daffodil lovers in the world.I also advised them to have a look on the ADS site.
All the best Jan Pennings

One response to “Keukenhof”

  1. Phyllis Hess says:

    Way to go Jan!!