Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland

Possible solution for Daffnet folk with Deer problems – get a croc.

January 1, 2009

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One response to “Possible solution for Daffnet folk with Deer problems – get a croc.”

  1. George Dorner says:

    I was initially puzzled by the Subject. Below you see a pic taken just now. It shows the Crocs my daughter gave me for Christmas. 😎
    Another wildlife pest we suffer comes in the form of Canada geese. We live on a small lake/pond/drainage pit and I have seen as many as 200 on the water. When they take off it appears that they will fly in our bedroom. A group of 20 or 30 will visit our yard daily to peck the grass and leave reminders behind them, usually greenish.
    Many have unflattering names for squirrels, but those are polite when compared to oaths uttered against geese by me and my neighbors. Of course, Mary (on the mailing list of every animal humane organization) thinks they are charming. Fortunately, they have yet to visit the flower beds, and I hope that they have heard of the reputation of daffodils as lunch for critters.
    A fishline strung at chest height (for a goose) will deter them. I don’t think they are smart enough to jump or fly across it. They won’t come near tall growth, so as my patch of cattails has shrunk we see more geese. And there are companies who specialize in visiting ponds where geese are not welcome, loosing their dog or dogs to shoo them off.
    I mention this because some years ago there was a concerted effort to scare off the geese using inflated plastic alligators. It seemed to work.
    Sorry, all, for the off-topic ramble. It’s winter and the paperwhites are not striking enough to share. ***