Silent Daffneters

January 26, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Historics, Miniatures, Non-Daffodil

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Hi to all Daffneters: 


Is that a real word!!!!  Haha


I have belonged to the Daffnet website for years and I have maybe posted twice.  It is like Bill Lee said in the message below, I have learned a lot from this website and I like to hear what all the “smart” daffodil people know and I can learn from them.  I love receiving all the beautiful pictures taken in the spring (all over the world) and are sent in to Daffnet for us to enjoy.  This has made me add 100s of daffodils to my collection in my yard.  It has made me be interested in the miniatures, the historic ones especially, and colors they come in; the list goes on.  I’ve learned new websites to find these daffodils so I can have them for myself to enjoy. 


I am so happy the Daffnet website accepts members, like me, who do not participate in the discussions.  Also, I am not that familiar with posting messages and I do hope this one comes through okay. 


Thank you Daffnet for letting us “non-posters” be a part of such a delightful website. 


Nancy “M” from Maryville

Friend of Lynn Ladd and Nancy Robinson  and several other Daffneters. 





I think Donna wrote:


This is a very nice number of members.  I think it would be even nicer

> if some of them would post something on the daffnet now and again.  It

> is a small percentage of members who do post, even infrequently.

> But Donna, that’s the beauty of lists like these. Anyone can join and

> learn all kinds of things. There is really no requirement to also post

> something back.

> What I think and hope happens is that people sign up maybe to get an

> answer to one question or just out of curiosity, and then find it more

> interesting than not and hang around. They’re called "lurkers" and

> although that name has negative connotations, I don’t think anyone

> should feel bad about just lurking.

> You never know when a lurker will get inspired and become and active

> participant. Maybe we haven’t inspired enough of them yet!

> Bill Lee


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