Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio


January 30, 2009

Category: General

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The sun is shining today, and the ice-covered trees look beautiful, sparkling like diamonds in the sun. 
Mary Lou

One response to “winter”

  1. Linda Wallpe says:

    Lovely photos.  Mary Lou!
    Yes, the sun is shining but it’s still cold out there and the meltdown isn’t happening fast.
    One of my sisters lives in southern Missouri where they received more ice than we did here in Ohio.
    Lots of trees and telephone poles down, and most people are without power.
    She has lost more than a dozen trees in her back lot. 
    One of the TV stations there, took an ice covered branch and weighed it. 
    It weighed 20 pounds with the ice on it.
    They let the ice melt off and weighed it again.
    The branch weighed 3 pounds.