Carlton question

February 10, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Historics

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Ok, dumb question time; I have a rescued clump of daffs in bloom, which we’ve always just assumed was Carlton.

 I don’t grow Carlton, and don’t know anyone nearby who does to really compare against.

Went on DaffSeek, there are no photos of the flower in profile.

Am I correct in a hazy recollection that Carlton has some green going up the back of the petals, at least when first opening?

And is the tube pretty extended past the anthers?

Thanks a bunch…



3 responses to “Carlton question”

  1. Melissa Reading says:


    Sara: I have a few Carlton in bloom right now: here are photos. Let me know if there is some other view you’d like. Melissa

  2. Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland Brian Duncan says:

    Hello Melissa, I fear your supplier gave you a substitute trumpet instead of the real ‘Carlton’ – but whatever you have it is a better looking flower than the real thing. Unless ‘Carlton’ really changes in California?? Nice pictures. Brian

  3. Brenda Lyon says:

    G’day All, This is my photo of Carlton. It has been in my garden for about 25 years. Regards Brenda from down under